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Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Got A Car Insurance Rate Quote From State Farm That?

Manuel asked:

is double that of the quotes I got online (from brokers). Is it better to go with State Farm or one of the cut rate insurance companies?

I mean in the event of an accident and getting paid.

I also rent a lot of cars and will be using the insurance I buy for those. And, not get the insurance that the rental companies over charge for.


I would go with State Farm. But I am biased because I work there.

Ask for as many discounts as you can like, multi-car, multi-line, good driver, if your young for a new driver then ask for driver safety, and any other they offer. Ask how you can get them.

And, if those cut rate companies offer low payments do they ask for a broker fee or a higher down payment? Sometimes you do get what you pay for. But remember, there is good and bad in every company but overall they are much better.

And, if you rent cars a lot then ask the agent to add UNOC. Unlimited Non-Owned Car coverage. Some are not familar with it but otherwise your coverage only carries over to a rental car for 21 days at one time.

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